HashShare Cloud Mining is the world's first project that Shares Hash Power with users

HashShare Cloud Mining

In an era when it is difficult for individuals to mine alone, anyone can participate in Bitcoin mining in the best place with the latest equipment!

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About HashShare Cloud Mining

HashShare Cloud Mining is a place where every one can participate in Bitcoin mining without worrying about equipment purchase and installation, mining space, cooling facilities, and noise management.

The HashShare Cloud Mining Platform provides Hash Power with the latest equipment, and takes care of the hardware and maintenance.

HashShare Cloud Mining

A Reliable Hash Power Sharing Platform

Profitable price

Competitive price, highest profitability, superior customer service


Whatsminer - the latest Mining Equipment with quality guarantee

Partnership with OKEx Pool

Cooperation with OKEx mining pool, one of the best & largest mining pools


Instant run after 24 hours,
Immediate withdrawal

Professional team

24-hour Maintenance and Support by Professional team

Extra Bonuses

Referral and Mining Share
Bonus Programs

Mining Centers in
China & Kazakhstan

1st Mining Center - China

Purchasing mining equipment from the biggest producer of mining equipment in China and starting mining at reduced transportation and customs costs.
Hydropower plants are well developed in China, which
can further reduce costs in summer with abundant rainfall.

Mining Center in China started Bitcoin mining in mid-July, 2019


2nd Mining Center -

Secured low electricity rate of $0.03 per KW in Oskemen, Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan has low mining regulatory risk and suitable climate and environmental factors for mining.

In Kazakhstan, Bitcoin mining is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2020.

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HashShare Cloud Mining


Event 1.

Immediate payout of 10% of referral's purchased product price

Event 2.

10% discount on product price (only for first 10000 TH/s)

Event 1.  Requirement : You must have more than one product.
*Users who do not have the product will not be paid even if there is a referral under account.

Event has ended


Just choose your plan and start Bitcoin mining now!

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin Cloud Mining is the process of Bitcoin mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power. This type of cloud mining enables users to mine Bitcoins without managing the hardware. The mining rigs are housed and maintained in a facility owned by mining company and the customer simply needs to register and purchase mining contracts or shares.

HashShare Cloud Mining
Self(Hardware) Mining

Hashshare Cloud Mining

Hardware purchase One-time price of purchasing the contract: According to the current miners price
Delivery cost and time Hardware purchased in advance. Mining starts in 24 hours
Electricity rates The best electricity rates
Maintenance Optimal cooling facility and 24-hour professional maintenance
Loud noise No noise. Hardware is at a remote location
Additional costs No extra fee
Referral Bonus Immediate payouts from referrals, immediate withdrawal
Mining Share Bonus Maximize income by creating your own group (mining share bonus up to 10%)

Self(Hardware) Mining

Hardware purchase Price of the hardware: According to the current miners price + Shipping costs + Possible customs costs + Cost of additional equipment
Delivery cost and time Waiting for delivery and losing mining time. Purchased hardware will already lose its value
Electricity r. Usually high electricity rates (compared to profitability)
Maintenance Need to manage excessive heat, mining space, cooling facility, etc.
Loud noise Need to deal with loud noise
Additional Costs of cooling, additional equipment, etc.
Referral B. No extra bonuses
Mining Share No extra bonuses (Your own hash power rewards only)



Hashshare always shares the core value of building a healthy and future-oriented community with you.

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